Gil Evans – Out Of The Cool


Referência AS AIP J 4-45
Etiqueta Analogue Productions – Impulse
Embalagem 2 LP – 45rpm
Gramagem Vinil 180g


“One way or another a copy of this masterpiece belongs in every good record collection (unless you don’t like jazz) and given the reality of the day, fifty plus years after it was originally released and five years after the fire, the best available version is Analogue Productions’. If you buy the DOXY version, which costs about half of what the AP costs, you’ll be getting way less than half of the music. (The sound rating is for the Analogue Productions reissue of course).” — Music = 11/11; Sound = 9/11 — Michael Fremer,, June 30, 2013. To read Fremer’s full review, click here:

“…From the opening maracas and subsequent introduction of each instrument on ‘La Nevada,’ it’s clear that this is a very, very special recording. At its best, the musicians are spread out and solidly anchored in place in the listening room. The soundstage is positively huge and instrumental tonality is exceptional.” – Myles B. Astor, Positive Feedback Online, Issue 49

“…Out of the Cool, recorded in 1962, stands as Evans’ grandest achievement, apart from his finest works with Miles Davis fronting the orchestra (Sketches of SpainMiles Ahead), and it’s one of the first of Kassem’s Impulse! 45 releases…Van Gelder did his part with the mikes; and Kassem’s remasters do theirs with the cutting lathe. Their 45rpm stereo pressing sounds at least as good – in the highs and lows, better – than the original, and that’s saying a lot.” – Fred Kaplan, Stereophile

“…Out of the Cool, perhaps even more than his collaborations with Miles Davis, spotlights Gil Evans’ brilliance as a writer and arranger…The results are lovely, sometimes cerebral jazz meditations, and the soundstage is expansive, with soloists firmly rooted within; the musicians unfurl ribbons of fabulously layered tone colors, and the recording captures the orchestra’s terrific dynamic range.” – Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound, June/July 2009

1 La Nevada
2 Where Flamigos Fly
3 Bilbao Song
4 Stratusphunk
5 Sunken Treasure
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