Gregorio Paniagua – La Folia de la Spagna



Referência HARMONIA MUNDI HM 1050
Etiqueta Speakers Corner – Harmonia Mundi
Embalagem 1 LP – 33RPM
Gramagem Vinil 180 g
Código de barras 4260019712790

“Quickly becoming a cult LP when issued in 1980, this brilliantly inventive set of twelve variations on the 16th-century Portuguese theme ‘La Folia’…There are forays into jazz, hoedown, Indian sitar music, and even a quote from Mancini’s Pink Panther! The cherry on the icing is to have it back on pristine vinyl again.” Recording = 5/5; Performance = 5/5 – Chris Breunig, Hi-Fi News, December 2007,

All the composers in the world who write their own Folia don’t keep a close account of what they are doing. They mature patiently like the tree that does not haste his sap; they soak up everything and remain confident in the torments of spring, without anxiety that they might not know another spring. And spring comes and a quiet weariness overcomes them, even if they are patient, carefree and calm, as if all eternity lay before them. They can then love their Folia and their solitude; they endure the pain it causes them and succeed in investing the sound of their complaint with beauty.” — Gregorio Paniagua

1  Fons vitae/Dementia praecox angelorum Supra solmamirevt
2 Extravagans/Laurea minima/In vitro
3 Oratio pro-folia/Fama volat Citrus – Hesperides
4 Principalis. Fermescens/Inica exacta Adverso flumine
5 Parsimonia aristocraciae
6 Subtilis/De profundis – Extra muros
7 Vulgaris – Sine populi notione Vagula et blandula
8 Nordica et desolata/Aurea mediocritas
9 Nobilissima/Degradans et corruptae
10 De pastoribus/Mathematica dies irae /Crepuscularis/Sine nomine/Tristis est anima mea/Equites fortis armaturae/Audaces fortuna juvat/Sine praeputium/Ecclesiastica
11 Theatralis et hipocritae/Ruralis Alter indica perfecta
12 De Tolerentia aetherea/Fuga ficta et carrus triumphalis
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