Men At Work – Business As Usual


Edição limitada e numerada 

Com os êxitos “Who Can It Be Now?” e “Down Under”

Produzido por Peter McIan

1LP de 33RPM


Referência AMOBS 024
Etiqueta Mobile Fidelity Silver
Embalagem 1 LP
Gramagem Vinil 180 g
Código de Barras 821797100243


They came from the land down under. And they conquered the charts like no band before or since, with a 1983 debut that shattered records by staying for 15 consecutive weeks at the pole position on the Billboard Top 100. They were Men at Work, a quirky bunch led by a Scottish-born vocalist whose humor, style, and distinguished singing helped the quintet become one of the 1980s’ definitive new-wave acts. And it all started with the irresistible Business As Usual.

Mastered on Mobile Fidelity’s world-renowned mastering system and pressed at RTI, this LP retrieves an immeasurable amount of previously concealed details from the music. For the first time, the band’s percolating rhythms, pulsating guitars, brassy horns, and whimsical beats come to fore without interference from congested mixes and a flat perspective. Spaciousness and imaging are restored, as is the rebirth of palpable dynamic contrast and instrumental separation. Above all, the record is more fun than ever before.

Lado 1
1 Who Can It Be Now?
2 I Can See It In Your Eyes
3 Down Under
4 Underground
5 Helpless Automation
Lado 2
1 People Just Love to Play With Words
2 Be Good Johnny
3 Touching the Untouchables
4 Catch a Star
5 Down By the Sea
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