Men At Work – Cargo


Edição limitada e numerada 

Com os êxitos “Who Can It Be Now?” e “Down Under”

Produzido por Peter McIan

1LP de 33RPM


Etiqueta Mobile Fidelity Silver
Embalagem 1 LP
Gramagem Vinil 180 g
Código de Barras 821797100250


Men at Work already had an album in the Top Ten when the Australian ensemble released Cargo, which continued the momentum gained by its record-setting debut. As ambitious and even more diversified than its initial salvo, the 1983 effort firmly established the band as new-wave pioneers – a group whose goofy playfulness, sharp hooks, brass accents, and memorable choruses helped define the decade’s landscape. Any doubts about Men at Work’s quirky sensibility were promptly answered by the iconic cover art gracing this multi-platinum set.

While remaining true to the approach that garnered them a Grammy Award for Best New Artist, Men at Work expands the creative palette on Cargo by giving guitars a more prominent role and increasing the rhythmic textures. With the sweeping ballad “Overkill” and politically savvy cynicism of “It’s a Mistake,” the band furthered their radio domination and extended their run of Top 10 singles. A third hit, “Dr. Heckyll and Mr. Jive,” cracked the Top 30. Well-tailored melodies and whimsical imagination definitely had a place in the public’s consciousness, and no group understood this more.

As the final album captured by the original lineup, Cargo remains an indelible piece of the 1980s audio terrain and a reminder of the era’s endless fun. Bolstered by lively saxophone solos, self-effacing humor, and instantly catchy refrains, the album is as good as excuse as any to turn on the stereo, sit down, forget your worries, and dance to leisurely pursuits so perfectly captured by this beloved group.


Lado 1
1 Dr. Heckyll and Mr. Jive
2 Overkill
3 Settle Down My Boy
4 Upstairs In My House
5 No Sign of Yesterday
Lado 2
1 It’s a Mistake
2 High Wire
3 Blue for You
4 I Like To
5 No Restrictions


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