Patricia Barber – Modern Cool


Referência LDB90761
Etiqueta Premonition
Embalagem 2 LP
Gramagem Vinil 180g


Patricia Barber’s Modern Cool now available on 180-gram vinyl once again!

Pressed at Quality Record Pressings!

“Sonically, one of the best recordings ever made by a jazz singer with a small acoustic ensemble.” — Down Beat magazine

“Smart songs about the way we think and live, not just about the way we love. This is the kind of art we need to be on the lookout for everywhere. The 21st century has started. We can’t afford to be left behind.” — The New York Times

This is another in Premonition Records’ recent series of vinyl releases which now includes four Patricia Barber albums and one Von Freeman album. This one was mastered for vinyl by the legendary Doug Sax, pressed by Quality Record Pressings, the new standard in high end audiophile pressing plants and comes in a deluxe, heavy cardboard jacket. Modern Cool earned a coveted 5-star review from DownBeat and was awarded a 2013 Grammy Award for Best Surround Sound Album.

Modern Cool was recorded at Chicago Recording Company in early 1998. For many, Modern Cool is the record that brought Patricia Barber to their attention. Its success with critics and jazz fans led Blue Note Records to enter into a “joint imprint” production deal with Premonition Records, the first time they had ever done such a deal in their storied history. Done on the Sony 3348, a 32-track (16/48) digital tape recorder, and mixed down to 2-track, half-inch tape with Dolby SR, this was Barber’s first album of mostly original material. Engineer Jim Anderson utilized mostly tube microphones (Brauner and Neumann) and John Hardy M-1 preamps, whose signal was patched to the tape bypassing the console.

Lado 1
1 Touch of Trash
2 Winter
3 Let It Rain
Lado 2
1 Company
2 Silent Partner
3 Light My Fire
Lado 3
1 You & The Night & The Music
2 Love, Put on your faces
3 She’s A Lady
Lado 4
1 Constantinople
2 Postmodern Blues
3 Let It Rain – Vamp


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