QED Reference HI RES USB (A-B)


QED Reference HI RES USB (A-B)


QED QE3243 0,6m 89,00 € 5036694037683
QED QE3245 1,0m 96,00 € 5036694037690
QED QE3247

QED QE3249



109,00 €

119,00 €





QED Reference HI RES USB (A-B)

New comes an improved and updated QED Reference High Resolution USB cable with a slimmer
more flexible profile and enhanced performance.

In common with all our cables, Reference High Resolution USB is informed by the results of our exhaustive
research into cable design which was begun in 1995 and recently detailed in the updated Genesis Report.
This report sets out the design principles to which we adhere and which resulted in the development of a
range of cables which represent the ultimate expression of sound through science without compromise.
Each QED cable in its range is based on the flagship model and although they may be variously influenced
by price, size or ease-of-use, each retains the basic original features of that model. This gives even
the base cable in each range a sonic advantage over their similarly priced competitors. Reference High
Resolution USB is the state-of-the-art offering from QED and as such represents the pinnacle of our
understanding of this complex cable application.



Outside diameter: 7 mm
Characteristic Impedance: 90 Ω +/-5%
Signal Pair Attenuation: < -0.11 dB/m @ 480 MHz
Propagation Delay: 26 ns max
Propagation Delay Skew: 68 ps max
Maximum Data Rate: 480 Mb/s
Worst case time related jitter: < 76 ps pk-pk (5 m cable measured at 480 Mb/s; 440 mV rms)

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