Roger Waters – Amused To Death


Referência AAPP 468761
Etiqueta Analogue Productions
Embalagem 2 LP
Gramagem Vinil 200g


Now even more applicable to current times than its creation era!

200-gram gatefold double LP pressed at Quality Record Pressings!

“In some ways, this is even better than The Wall. Waters got a lot of top performers to play on the album, usually behind his singing and speaking of the lyrics …. Guitarist Jeff Beck is heard frequently in the album, with his special virtuosity on eight of the tracks. … (Waters is) certainly at his cynical best here – and without him Pink Floyd — never mind the general doom and gloom — wouldn’t have been the top rock group it is and was.” — Audiophile Audition, Jan. 12, 2016.

“Despite the bombast and conceit, this long-time audiophile favorite sounds outstanding in this 200-gram vinyl edition. Back in the day you needed some pretty heady drugs to make DSOTM sound this good, and the stellar line-up of musicians, with Jeff Beck on eight tracks, makes for a pharmaceutical-free audiophile amusement ride. The LP surfaces are dead quiet too, allowing you to hear every nuance of cricket chirp and dog bark.” Recording = 9.5/10; Music = 8.5/10 – Dennis D. Davis, Hi-Fi +, Issue 128


Lado 1
1 The Ballad of Bill Hubbard
2 What God Wants, Part I
3 Perfect Sense, Part I
4 Perfect Sense, Part II
Lado 2
5 The Bravery of Being Out of Range
6 Late Home Tonight, Part I
7 Late Home Tonight, Part II
8 Too Much Rope
9 What God Wants, Part II
Lado 3
10 What God Wants, Part III
11 Watching TV
12 Three Wishes
Lado 4
13 It’s A Miracle
14 Amused To Death
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