Sonny Rollins – What’s New



Referência Pure Pleasure LSP-2572
Etiqueta Pure Pleasure Records – RCA Victor
Embalagem 1 LP
Gramagem Vinil 180 g

Sonny Rollins’ mid-sixties experiment with bossa nova was completely different than was Stan Getz’ Jazz Samba. Rollins stayed true to his bop and avant-garde roots, using bossa nova as a surgeon uses a scalpel, to dissect and deconstruct familiar melodies and turn them into something new. This hip reinterpretation of standards is Sonny’s trademark, and in this album it’s uncompromising. The whole album is interesting and highly original.

1 If Ever I Would Leave You
2 Jungoso
3 Bluesongo
4 The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
5 Brownskin Girl
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