The Modern Jazz Quartet – Fontessa


1LP de 33RPM


Referência AATL 1231
Etiqueta Speakers Corner – Atlantic
Embalagem  1LP – 33RPM
Gramagem Vinil 180 g
Código de Barras 4260019715456


The famous critic and jazz expert Ralph J. Gleason quite rightly mentioned two highly distinctive men in his liner notes — John Donne and Pablo Picasso. Almost four hundred years and a great deal of seawater separate the two exceptional artists from England and Spain. Nevertheless the four black US-Americans who make up the Modern Jazz Quartet bridge the gap between time and continents effortlessly.

And what’s more, blues is also to be heard — and bebop! And evergreens from the Broadway shows of the Thirties too!


Lado 1
1 Versailles (Porte De Versailles) 03:22
2 Angel Eyes 03:48
3 Fontessa 11:12
Lado 2
1 Over The Rainbow 03:50
2 Bluesology 05:04
3 Willow Weep For Me 04:47
4 Woodyn You 04:25
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