Weldon Irvine – Time Capsule



Referência Pure Pleasure NM-1002
Etiqueta Pure Pleasure
Embalagem 1 LP
Gramagem Vinil 180 g

The sublime Time Capsule remains Weldon Irvine’s most fully realized and influential recording. A supremely talented multi-instrumentalist and composer, Irvine had a musical vision that was unerringly soulful, spiritual, and funky. Assembled as a kind of musical scrapbook documenting the thought patterns and belief systems of the early ’70s, it nevertheless boasts a surprising vitality and timelessness thanks to luminous funk grooves that anticipate the latter-day emergence of acid jazz. Irvine also rhymes over several tracks, further cementing his influence on successive generations of hip-hop.

Lado 1
1 Time Capsule
2 Feelin’ Mellow
3 Soul Sisters
4 Déjà vu
Lado 2
1 Watergate Don’t Bug Me!
2 Spontaneous Interaction
3 I Am
4 Bananas
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