Ben Webster – Atmosphere for Lovers and Thieves



 BLPP 30105
Etiqueta Pure Pleasure
Embalagem 1 LP
Gramagem Vinil 180 g

“Ben is still a whale of a tenor player, his approach for the ballads being as poignant and lyrical as ever. On such romantic tunes as ‘My Romance’ and ‘What’s New,’ that breathy tone and broad-beamed phrasing are well in evidence, whilst the underlying humor and swing are more to the fore in the more muscular ‘Easy to Love.’…Nothing ever drags, the pulse is always strong and the accompaniments well suited to Webster’s lustrous, lusty blowing.” – Jazz Journal, 1971


1 Blue Light
2 Stardust
3 What’s New
4 Autumn Leaves
5 Easy To Love
6 My Romance
7 Yesterdays
8 Days of Wine and Roses
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