Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique


Referência AS AEVC 3037
Etiqueta Analogue Productions – Everest
Embalagem 2LP
Gramagem Vinil 200g


The exceptional sound of Everest 35mm Magnetic Film Recordings returns!

Ten Everest titles, each a 2LP 45 RPM release! 45 RPM versions have never been issued!

Mastered directly from the original 35mm magnetic film using an “all tube” cutting system!

Pressed on Classic’s 200-gram Super Vinyl Flat Profile at Quality Record Pressings

Sets come with Stoughton Printing tip-on old style original jacket artwork and Everest Records-branded jacket

The two LPs are packaged in a protective clear sleeve

Among Classic Records’ highlight accomplishments — before the label sold in 2010 to Acoustic Sounds — was unlocking the audio majesty of the Everest 35mm magnetic film recordings on a groundbreaking reissue series. Now, return with us, as Classic Records by Analogue Productions returns this vintage audiophile collection to its rightful glory.

I 1st Movement – Dreams, Passions
II 2nd Movement – A Ball
III 3rd Movement – Scene in the Fields
IV  4th Movement – March to the Scaffold
V 5th Movement – Dream of a Witches’ Sabbath
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