Clearaudio TT2



A massive masterpiece that transmits the information extracted from the record groove more precisely and faithfully than ever before, with a decisive impact on the authenticity of the music playback.

It takes 40 hours to assemble the TT2 tangential tonearm. Clearaudio invests masterful production quality in this fine mechanical work of art, the basis for a hard to beat sound quality. The purely mechanical precision drive of the TT2 is based on two dry-running high-precision bearings and a polished glass tube that ensures almost complete freedom from friction. The subtle aluminium silver finish crowns the TT2’s highly functional design.

This tangential tonearm with its weight of nearly two kilograms is completely stable, can be finely adjusted in height and is elegantly simple to use.


*versão portuguesa disponível brevemente.

Detalhes da construção

Resonance-optimized chassis, patented two-point-tangential tracking


Strictly mechanical
Selected high precision ball bearings running in a calibrated polished glass tube


Aprox. 1990g (sem a base)
Base: 235g


300 x 100 x 70mm


CLEA TA033/B – Preto
CLEA TA033/S – Prateado

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