Neil Young – Neil Young


Remasterizado a partir das fitas originais

LDY 76370
Etiqueta Reprise
Embalagem 1 LP
Gramagem Vinil 180 g

Neil Young’s First Four Solo Albums
Remastered from the original tapes! They sound incredible!!

Not everything that crosses our desks is recommendable for everyone. These are! It’s just that simple. We’ve heard the test pressings for these landmark titles, and we can say that without question you’ll be blown away!

Meticulously transferred from the original analog master tapes using the finest equipment. This is the world’s introduction to bare, totally exposed Neil Young. Having left Buffalo Springfield, his collaboration with Stephen Stills, this 1969 solo debut is an album full of brooding but pretty songs including “The Loner.” Neil Young was one of the first solo records by a rock and roll figure.

Though his only album not to chart – “The Loner” is the most memorable track – this is the record that bridged what was and what was to be. Neil Young marked the launching point of an illustrious solo career.

1 The Emperor Of Wyoming
2 The Loner
3 If I Could Have Her Tonight
4 I’ve Been Waiting For You
5 The Old Laughing Lady
6 String Quartet From Whiskey Boot Hill
7 Here We Are In The Years
8 What Did You Do To My Life?
9 I’ve Loved Her So Long
10 The Last Trip To Tulsa
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