Sarah Vaughan – After Hours With Sarah Vaughan



Referência Pure Pleasure CL 660
Etiqueta Pure Pleasure Records – Columbia
Embalagem 1 LP 33 RPM
Gramagem Vinil 180 g
Código de Barras 506014962260

Sarah Vaughan signed for Columbia in 1949 and her chart successes continued with the charting of “Black Coffee” in the summer of 1949. During her tenure at Columbia through 1953, Vaughan was steered almost exclusively to commercial pop ballads, a number of which had chart success.

No matter what she’s singing you can’t help but notice her amazing control and range. She’s able to float effortlessly from the lowest end of the scale to the highest without effort. Her singing is as much second nature as breathing is to most of us.

If you’ve ever heard the term phrasing applied to singing, it’s not something you hear often anymore. To be honest it’s not something I’m sure I can define. The closest I can come to is it refers to a singer’s ability to associate the lyrics of a song with the music. However, it means more than just being able to carry a tune. It’s how you sing the words and music together. It’s the ability to turn your voice into a lead instrument in a band and take one word and extend it over a whole series of notes. However it doesn’t just mean the ability to sustain a note, it’s continuing to sing the melody but with only one or a few words without them losing meaning or throwing the continuity of the song out of whack.


Lado 1
1 After Hours
2 Street Of Dreams
3 You Taught Me To Love Again
4 You’re Mine You
5 My Reverie
6 Summertime
Lado 2
1 Black Coffee
2 Thinking Of You
3 I Cried For You
4 Perdido
5 Deep Purple
6 Just Friends



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